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All paper work must be handed in to us directly. Any paper left anonymously on any desk will be disregarded. Any paper without a full name at the heading will be disregarded. We will not try to guess who you are. This is to assure we give you all the credit you deserve for your hard work and effort on your written assignments. Our grading policy for written work is very simple and easy to calculate yourself. Your total quarter grade is based on a series of points that you earn with each assignment completed. You will have ample opportunity to earn points and extra credit points during all four quarters. If you save all your graded papers and add up all of your points and divide by the total number of points possible you will get a good idea of what your grade will be. For example:
150 points earned/200 possible points= .75 or 75% C
90%-100%=A 80%-89%=B 70%-79%=C 60%-69%=D 59%-0%=E
Our written work policy includes all classwork and homework
NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED! The only way to hand me late work is with an authorized Clockbuster Pass. OTHERWISE: ALL HOMEWORK IS DUE THE NEXT SCHOOL DAY.
ABSENCES: If you should miss class for an EXCUSED absence and I have signed your readmit slip:
-All missed assignments are listed on the online calendar-YOU are responsible for getting all notes (from a reliable classmate), homework, and classwork from this calendar and writing it down Ask me for assistance only after you have consulted this board. Some notes and materials will be made available online.
-You have 1 week from the day you return to hand in all make-up work. NO EXCEPTIONS. Any long term written projects will be due the day you return from being out