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Having taught for 6 years in Prince George's County, in 1997 Mrs. Weissenburger transferred to Anne Arundel County and a home at Meade Senior High School in Fort Meade, Maryland. From 2003-2011, Mrs. Weissenburger took over the role of ENGLISH DEPARTMENT CHAIRPERSON. In 2011 returned to the classroom to teach a full load of 11th Grade English classes. In addition to her teaching requirements, she spearheaded the campaign for a total 9th Grade Academy and serves as a Team Leader for that Academy. Assisting her department Mrs. Weissenburger coordinates all the data for the English 9 High School Assessment Simulations at the end of each marking period. After her duty hours she participated on the Student Success Team Committee, co-chaired the National Honor Society Chapter, directed the Cinemaniacs, a student run film appreciation club, planned and facilitated staff inservices on creating High School Assessment Testing items and on Integrating Technology into Curricula to Improve Student Achievement. At her students’ request, Mrs. W became the sponsor of Student Book Club from 2001-2002. In 2003, she co-wrote 9th Grade Orientation Lesson for Back-to-School Day for Freshmen. In her 16 years at Meade, she has sponsored large group field trips to Baltimore Holocaust Monument, Washington, D.C. Monument Tour, and College Field Trip to University of Delaware. Always on the cutting edge of technology, Mrs. Weissenburger has created and maintains a parent Database/Website for ongoing parent communication and is currently completing her Maryland Technology Academy Fellowship with Johns Hopkins University and Towson University.

Mrs. Weissenburger has also been the recipient of a certificate of Appreciation from Professional Assessment for Beginning Teachers while helping to develop the Praxis Series for NTE. In 2001, Mrs. Weissenburger was the recipient of UMBC Technology Fellowship/Grant for Technology Enhanced Learning Environment. She keeps strong ties with her Alma Mater and has been a featured guest presenter for the University of Delaware’s Student Teaching Seminar...How to make the Most of your Student Teaching in the spring of 1998, 1999 and 2000 as well as continuing to be a member of Volunteer Admissions Support Team for University of Delaware where she takes her place at Meade High school’s College Fair.